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Blue, Gold
Setaplaster Gold Collection was created with the magnificent harmony of silk and 100% natural cotton fibers. Gold Collection makes you feel the naturalness and richness on the walls with its rare color options embellished with mineral stone, glitter and glitter thread. Gold Collection allows you to blend different colors.Thus, you can reflect your own style in your space.

The dark blue is known as the cosmic color. The dark blue color represents authority and formality. Another meaning is that it symbolizes eternity.

Check the consumption requirements on the packaging before applying.
Setaplaster is a heat, sound and moisture insulated interior wall coating obtained by using silk fabric pieces and bright glitters.
There are many reasons to prefer Setaplaster over paint or wallpaper. It gives a high-level visuality to your walls with its special texture and dozens of color options. Long ropes can be used, if you wish, you can easily remove the plaster and move it. It provides sound, heat and moisture insulation. In case of damage, it is easy to repair.
A suitable sized container, 7 liters of water for a pack and a transparent (?) trowel. That is all! Let the dough you prepared rest for 30 minutes and start applying immediately with the help of a trowel. It's that easy.
No matter how easy it is to apply Setaplaster, if you say you can't apply it or you don't have time for it, call us. Let us recommend you a master right away. Let it cover your home or workplace in a very short time.
Setaplaster can be easily applied to all surfaces including plaster, cement, wood, metal, glass and painted surfaces. It closes cracks and wall holes with its stretching feature on all applied surfaces.
Yes. Setaplaster can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
Setaplaster Silk Plaster Wall Covering can be used everywhere except inside the shower cabin.
Thanks to its setaplaster structure, it has the ability to absorb 200 ml of water per square meter. However, if it is exposed to continuous water flow, it will deteriorate.
Setaplaster absorbs sweat and moisture on the wall thanks to the cotton and silk mixture it contains. Thus, the formation of moisture, mold and dampness is prevented.
It is very easy and simple to apply Setaplaster to your walls. It is prepared simply by mixing it with water. It is odorless and does not contain chemicals harmful to the skin. If it drips on the floor while plastering, it can be easily cleaned without leaving any traces. If you wish, you can cover your walls with your children and have a fun time.