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Hermes Decorations
Setaplaster is a heat, sound and moisture insulated interior wall coating obtained by using silk fabric pieces and bright glitters.
When you think of plaster, don't think of sand, mortar or cement... Seta Plaster is a new generation wall covering made of only natural textile fibers and free of dust, traces and debris. It can be applied easily. It is economical and decorative.

Provides Thermal Insulation
Setaplaster prevents heat loss from the walls and ceilings of the house as high as 66%.

It is economical.
Thanks to the thermal insulation it provides, it reduces electricity consumption by half. It pays for itself in a short time.

Provides Sound Insulation.
Setaplaster creates an acoustic environment in your home or office by neutralizing the sound reflections of the coating according to the absorbency of the surface. It provides sound insulation.

No Bad Smell
Staplaster is made of 100% natural cotton, mica stones and beneficial minerals. Since the only solvent required is water, it does not emit bad odor during application and use.

Applicable to Any Surface
Thanks to its setaplaster structure, Yutong can be applied directly to wooden painted walls, plaster or non-gypsum, rough plaster, fine plaster and all breathing surfaces.

Color Variety
Setaplaster has 400 different options. It is at the highest level in visual classification. It ensures that the visual pleasure lasts longer than other decorative interior products.

Cetaplaster is fire resistant thanks to its natural content. Thanks to this feature, it prevents the fire from spreading to other rooms.

Moisture Resistant
Staplaster prevents moisture, mold and dampness due to its breathing feature.

Damaged surfaces can be easily fixed thanks to the product's feature. All you need is water, you can spray the water on the damaged area and restore it like it's brand new.